Welcome Call

Welcome Call is a cloud-based solution with a dynamic content delivery system that simplify the product & services. It combines multilingual capabilities with customer authentication in real-time, saving institutions time and money while simultaneously improving customer engagement.

Our Client

Trusted by India’s leading financial institutions

Drawbacks of the Manual Customer Supports

After opening a Savings Account, Current Account, Housing Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Credit card, etc. The customer support executive calls the customer to go through the welcome process. Because of apps such as truecaller, the number they get is often spammed, and the welcome call becomes burdensome and intrusive. It leads to customer dissatisfaction, and Time, Money, and Effort spent do not yield the necessary results. The percentage of conversion of these calls is deficient. Most often, the warm welcome doesn’t happen and results in

  • Multiple calls and increased effort.
  • Intrusive and leads to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Also, the recordings are not clear several times, leading to issues in customer disapproval.
  • Language Barriers
  • Network Issues.
  • Poor Customer Engagement – One-way communication is not effective anymore.
  • No data-driven feedback on customer reach.

Features of Digital Welcome Call

  • Personalized Content for each Customer with voice guidance. API Integration with Client’s Database.
  • Communicate Important information about product and compliance to customers in their preferred language,at their preferred Time & Place.
  • Non-Intrusive (Unlike a call Centre), and the content can be delivered in the language of your choice.
  • Better Engagement, Better Retention, Better Communication.
  • Better Unit Economics than even the most economical call centers.
  • Customer consent (both Voice & Video) can be captured at various stages of the process. In-Depth Analytics on the effectiveness of communication.
  • Superior Alternatives to call centers and eco-friendly.

Transformative Outcomes

Our voice-based customer engagement solution is designed to help you boost customer relationships and connect with your existing and new customers.

97% decrease in time to process customer request.

Superior Alternatives to call centers and eco-friendly.

Better Unit Economics than even the most economical call centers.

Reduction of Call Centre Workload & Costs.