Policy Revival

Anurcloud Revival Solution makes it easy to bring back lapsed policies. The solution works with a dynamic content delivery system that allows you to customize every dialog with the help of voice-enabled multilingual capabilities so you can talk customers in their preferred language, ensuring they can understand the process and important information about policy revival.

Our Client

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Policy Revival

Anurcloud Revival Solution can help your clients to find and convert lapsed policies into active ones by analyzing industry data, providing valuable insight with up-to-date detailed information.

Simplified policy details

Shows health declaration, tax benefit, policy benefit, maturity benefit & death benefits to give reason to revive policy.


Communicate Important information about products and compliance to customers in their preferred language, at their preferred Time & Place.

Experience Higher ROI

Experience higher profitability and higher policy renewal rates by implementing our solution.

Transformative Outcomes

35% - 55% increase the chances of policy revival.

Helps the company to revive the policy remotely.

25%-30% decrease in operational costs.

70%-85%, decrease in time to serve customers.