Digital Welcome Call: How Anur Technologies’ Welcome Call Solution Transforms BFSI Customer Relations

Anur Tech
April 02, 2024

Digital welcome call! Why is it so important? Well, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. This is especially true for the highly competitive Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector. With every industry adopting the digital era, BFSI is no exception. For success in this industry, one factor that stands out is building and maintaining customer relationships and delivering exceptional customer experience.

One way to ensure this is using innovative solutions such as digital welcome calls to connect with customers better. Anur Technologies, a leading player in the Insurtech industry offers digital welcome call solutions, transforming the way BFSI companies operate and interact with their customers.

In this article, we will cover what is digital welcome call and why is it so important. We will also talk about how Anur Technologies can help BFSI companies with their digital welcome call offering.

What is a Digital Welcome Call and Which Traditional Problems Does It Resolve?

A digital welcome call is a modernized approach to customer onboarding that uses cloud-based solutions and dynamic content delivery systems to streamline the process of introducing customers to a financial institution’s products and services.

This feature resolves many issues that were a headache for BFSI players. For example, traditionally, after a customer opens an account or avails of a loan, insurance, or credit card, customer support executives initiate a welcome call. 

This manual process presents several challenges, such as:


Increased effort for a company due to multiple calls.


Language barriers and network issues.


Ineffective one-way communication.


Intrusive calls lead to customer dissatisfaction.


Unclear recordings causing issues in customer disapproval.


Lack of data-driven feedback on customer reach.

Given these drawbacks, a digital welcome call is the need of the hour as it offers efficiency and ease to companies and delivers the required message to customers.

This is where Anur Technologies’ digital welcome call comes into play.

Digital Welcome Call by Anur Technologies

The digital welcome call by Anur Technologies is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the product and service explanation process. It is a multilingual platform offered by Anur Tech with real-time customer authentication, saving institutions time and money while improving customer engagement.

This innovative solution addresses the drawbacks of manual customer support, improves the overall customer experience while also serving as both a servicing solution and an extra touchpoint for customer interaction.

The digital welcome call solution offers personalised content for each customer, with API integration and the client’s database. It communicates essential information about products and compliance to customers in their preferred language, at their preferred time and place.

Here are the main features of the digital welcome call service offered by Anur Technologies:

  • Easy and simple process with multilingual capability.
  • A link-based solution – no need to download an app.
  • Uses tech that can be operated with very low bandwidth and network.
  • Multi-language support and guidance.
  • Can be operated digitally anywhere at any time.
  • Sends important notifications on policy and renewal.
  • Attractive graphics and animation to get customer attention.
  • Liveness check with video recording & User Consent.
  • Customer consent (both Voice & Video) captured at various stages of the process.

Our solution has the potential to revolutionise customer relations in the BFSI sector.

How Can Anur Technologies’ Welcome Call Solution Help?

The digital welcome call solution offers transformative outcomes, including a significant reduction of call centre workload and costs, improved brand building and lead generation, and enhanced cross-selling and upselling of products.

The solution also allows for the collection of feedback for NPS/customer experience scoring and facilitates a perfect understanding of the product value proposition. Here is how our digital welcome call solutions have benefitted customers.

Overview of the Process to the Client

AnurTech’s digital welcome call dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of the customers; welcome process. This includes:
i) Reports and Analytics
ii) Reminder communications
iii) Services of resending links/retriggering links.

Decrease in Time to Process Customer Requests

Our solution results in a significant reduction in the time required to process customer requests, which translates to better operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Better Unit Economics than Even the Most Economical Call Centres

Our approach leads to superior unit economics compared to traditional call centres, optimising resource utilisation and cost-effectiveness. It also reduces the workload of the call centre.

Brand Building & Lead Generation

We also support brand-building and effective lead-generation efforts, empowering BFSI companies to strengthen their market presence and drive growth.


In this time, where customer experience is increasingly becoming a key differentiator, adopting such advanced solutions is no longer a luxury but a necessity for BFSI players to stay competitive.

Anur Technologies’ digital welcome call solution offers an innovative and efficient way to improve customer relations in the BFSI sector. With our unique features and benefits, you can redefine and transform the way you interact with your customers.

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