Digital Business Card

One business card, endless possibilities. With our digital business card, you can have a business card without having to carry it around. With just one click, your personal and business information is available to anyone in the world.

Features of Digital Business Card

Voice Enabled

Supports QR Scan



256 Bit Secure

Custom Branding


All Social Networks Support

Multiple Phone, Web URLs

Business Card for the Digital Age.

Tap and share your contact details, gather leads, manage prospects and grow your business – all with one link.

  • The cards can be hosted on the client’s server. Hence data confidentiality is maintained.
  • Add instantly vCard to your address book from your digital business card.
  • No Pre-Installed App is required.
  • Cloud-based scalable solution.
  • Supports payment gateway integration.
  • The Digital Business Card is provided as a customized web link, which can be bookmarked to access in the future.

An innovative tool for your organization.

Now companies of any size can create digital business cards for each member of their team.

  • Admin control over employees’ business cards and contact lists.
  • Create unlimited digital business cards.
  • Custom brand design.
  • Premium support and customized onboarding assistance.
  • Build and increase public recognition of your brand.
  • Gather all your business contacts in one place.